La La Land vs Los Angeles and can we sustain the dream?

La La Land. I know I know. This is the blogger subject of the moment. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote a great piece on his take on the film. Satirical show Saturday Night Live did a pretty spot on skit on the consequences if you don’t like the movie. I tiptoe very carefully when I’m asked if…

An upLYFTing Hollywood. And it ain’t no Ryan Gosling movie…

I Lyft in Los Angeles. I do, I admit it. I have grown to dislike driving greatly due to the fact I’ve commuted most of my entire driving life up until a couple years ago. I Lyft to parties where there is no parking, to movies, events, and to work. The catch is, I work 5…

An LA Guide to Friendship or How to Avoid Bad Blood

When I talk to people that have recently relocated to Los Angeles, I often hear how hard it is to meet people and develop friendships. My response has always been, “It’s not the LA natives, it’s the transient population this city attracts.” Don’t judge LA by it’s cover, go native.  Having been an Angeleno all…

Menopause Paradise

Despite the “cool” trend of having kids in one’s twenties, I waited until the very last second to have my daughter. I was frightened out of my mind to have a kid, to have to think about anyone else but myself and to worry about shaping and guiding a human being that my husband and…

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