F*ck F*cking F*ckity F*ck-F*ck or How Giving a F*ck Made Things Worse.

As a recently-turned half-a-century young woman, I am finally starting to take the advice of all the self-realized women who have come before me, and stop giving a shit about the things that don’t matter. Let things go. Not care so much about the little things. More importantly, I have realized the importance of saying…

Much ado about something.

Sexual Harassment in Hollywood. The #MeToo movement. These bi-lines have been consistently in the news and on my mind. When the Harvey Weinstein case broke a few months ago, no one seemed surprised. It couldn’t get any MORE stereotypical. Obese, unattractive narcissist studio executive taking advantage of his power, making or breaking careers and causing…

The Bearable Un-Lightness of Being.

I love Spring Break. Spring is the gateway to summer with beautiful weather and my daughter gets a nice long break to re-group before the end of the school year.  However, before this Spring Break,  I had some stress. Last November, I planned a family vacation in Mexico, a resort. It’s my dream getaway which includes…

La La Land vs Los Angeles and can we sustain the dream?

La La Land. I know I know. This is the blogger subject of the moment. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote a great piece on his take on the film. Satirical show Saturday Night Live did a pretty spot on skit on the consequences if you don’t like the movie. I tiptoe very carefully when I’m asked if…

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