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Why does a busy working mom want to write, produce and act in a web comedy? Growing up in LA is a whole lot different than growing old in Los Angeles.  I was a former actress, turned corporate full timer, turned mother. After the birth of my daughter, I felt I needed to connect with my creativity. I wanted her to know that I had layers in my life and never settled for anything and never let age dictate or limit my potential. I realized comedy was more my focus. When I turned on the television, I would never see anything that reflects me and my experience.  As a comedy writer, I created a web series for the kind of women I know, women over 40, navigating the world of LA. It’s an honest, comically ironic look at what it’s like to try and stay creative while focusing on life and the pursuit of happiness… the point being, it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.  So please take a look at what these 3 fictional creative and funny middle-aged women are doing in Hollywood. It ain’t no Sex in the City!